If your business has a website then you should definitely be aware of SEO, the basics of how it works & how to make it work for you. If your business doesn’t yet have a website or even a blog, you should probably be asking yourself why. A website and/or blog are the ideal way to reach out to your potential audience, increase brand awareness & generate new business. However, no matter how shiny your website is – people won’t just magically be able to find it, you need to make that happen.

What is SEO?

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. In the basic terms, it is the steps you can take when creating a blog post or putting together a website to make sure that it is as optimised as possible to be seen by search engines. This means that you have a better chance of ranking highly on search results and as such a better chance of being seen by people looking for websites just like yours.

Writing Search Engine Optimised Content

There are several steps you can take to ensure that your page or post is optimised – creating your content with SEO in mind is definitely one of them. You’ll need to decide which keyword(s) you want to use on the post – you may need to research this but there are tools online (or experts who can do it for you!). Then you’ll need to make sure the post is created with that keyword in place. There are different theories as to where you should place the keyword however I like to go for the title, at least one header in the document and a couple of times throughout the piece, depending on how long the text is.

You can also use this for creating guest posts to place on other websites, so that you get high-quality backlinks to your site, but we’ll cover that another time. If you are interested in SEO for your website but you’re a little lost on where to start, be sure to get in touch for a friendly chat about how I can help.