If you’re someone that has found they’re self-isolating and are stuck at home for the foreseeable then you might be wondering how you can be productive. You can do this and help your business at the same time.

You might find that your business is reaching a quiet time as people stay at home and avoid social places. Don’t panic! There are things you can do to help with your business in the long-term.

First things first, you do need to look after yourself. If you are self-isolating because you’re ill, or you feel you just need to rest for no reason at all – please do this. We live in a fast-paced world and if this is giving you the break you need, make the most of that!

Grow Your Business

Try to consider ways that you can use this time to grow your brand. If you are able to get out and about for some things then consider taking some food to a local food bank or offering deliveries to local vulnerable people who can’t get out and about. Post on your social media that you’re doing this and encourage people to tag others and get involved. They might not be your customers now, but it is a great way to grow your social media and keep in touch with potential customers of the future. This is fantastic for business and it also means you get to help out people who really need it – win-win!

Adapt Your Business

Have a think of ways that you might be able to adapt your business to suit the current climate. I have seen fitness instructors offer online classes rather than people coming to the classroom and sit-down restaurants offering local food delivery when they don’t usually. Even theatres are putting on live streams of shows that people can watch from the comfort of their own home!

Are you able to offer gift vouchers for future orders? Teach people skills online? Try to think outside of the box and ways that you can grow your business to keep some revenue coming in during this difficult time.

Update your Website

While you have a quieter time in terms of business, why not give your online content a spring clean? We often forget to update things such as your website and social media profiles once they’re set up. Spend some time over these next few days/weeks updating this, plotting out future content and just making sure everything is up to date!

When was the last time you looked into SEO keywords and did some research on what your website should be targeting? Maybe now is the time to do this, or hire someone who can help!

Make Your Presence Known

People will likely be spending more time than ever online, so make your presence known. See if there are any local community groups on Facebook you can join and get chatting to local people. Even if it is just offering some support people are likely to appreciate this and will remember in the future. Of course, there is also the added benefit that you get to chat to people too – and that you know you’re helping people while you grow your business.

You know your business best and so do what you feel is best during these trying times. Support others where you can too.

If you need any further help with content creation, social media etc. then please feel free to get in touch!