When it comes to business, most of us are used to more traditional working hours and ways of working. We travel to an office to work hours set by our employer, where if we are lucky we don’t have too much of a commute. Although this does work well, the recent restrictions to movement imposed by the UK Government due to the coronavirus threat have led to many of us looking at alternative ways of working. So, is remote working the future? Let’s take a look!

Working From Home

For industries where it was possible, people took up the challenge of working from home. This meant if you were contacting a business, you often were talking to someone from their living room, kitchen or home office. I have had a few chats with customer service advisors from various companies over the past few weeks and have to say that them working from home has had no impact on the level of service I received, which is great!

What this means for employees is that their working day is shorter, because they don’t have a commute to worry about. They are often more relaxed as they can work surrounded by pets, their favourite coffee or cooking up something a bit more exciting for lunch. These small changes make a massive difference to how someone feels and therefore the way they work – and in many cases shows an increase in productivity during the hours they do work.

What Does This Mean For Your Business?

As a business owner/employer you may find that employees are keen to continue working from home even after restrictions are lifted. If they make this request it is something you should give serious consideration to. Is there any legitimate reason why they can’t do their job from home, even if they have to travel to the office sporadically for catch-up days and essential meetings?

If you’re a business that is able to and accepts people working from home, the next step could be considering whether a virtual assistant could help you? By using a virtual assistant, you have someone that does tasks for you but you only have to worry about paying them when you need them. Many businesses have seen an impact in funds during these past few weeks, so you could get a helping hand for your business without having to commit to paying a hefty salary.

Is Remote Working The Future?

Realistically, not every single job can be done from home so that is something to consider. However, for industries and job roles where this does work, I do think we’ll see an increase in the number of people who do their job from home.  If you need someone to do a few tasks for your business why not consider whether a virtual assistant could help? I’m on hand to answer any questions about how this all works so please feel free to get in touch!