It can be hard to know how to create unique content consistently, especially when you’re wanting to create something that people actually want to read. However, keeping your social media channels interesting is the best way to gain followers & engagement.

Some industries are hard than others and it can depend on the products you’re selling or services you’re offering. However, if you’re involved in something like finance, building surveying and even mechanics, it can be hard to know how to keep creating content coming – especially for social media! Here are some tips on keeping your social media accounts fresh, getting people to engage and those likes growing!

Post Informative Content

Think about your industry and the questions that your clients usually ask you. Creating content-based around regularly asked questions and queries means you know you’re posting things that people are likely to want to know about. So how-to guides, product recommendations and even reviews of products can be a great place to start.

Mix Up Your Media

Try to vary the type of content your posting as well as what you’re actually saying. Consider making some videos rather than just posting text all the time. Product photos are good, but can you mix this up by using big text images or photos of something other than products this is likely to get people’s attention. This can sometimes mean that you need to think outside of the box, but look at what similar companies are doing & you should be able to find what works without too much trouble.

Go Off Track

It doesn’t all have to be about work, your company and your products. People like to use social media for some light relief, so don’t be afraid to post meme’s, quizzes and quotes – You’ll find that there are lots of national days that can also help when it comes to ideas for creating content – for example, today is National Strawberry Day, so you could create some fun, interesting content surrounding this. Look up national days and interesting hashtags to use in advance and you should find that creating fun content outside of your usual business offering becomes much easier.

Keep Social Media Channels Interesting

The main way to keep social media channels interesting is to mix up the content you’re providing. If you’re always posting photos people will get used to this & therefore won’t engage as much. However, if you make sure that you use a mixture of photos, videos, texts and vary the content you’re sharing & you’re much likely to grab peoples attention and keep it.