If you have decided you want to add a blog to your website, the next step is deciding on the best blog topics. It can seem like an easy thing to simply write a few hundred words and put together a post, but you also need to be considering what is going to keep people interested? The chances are you’re blogging to help boost the SEO of your website too, so that needs to be taken into account. As ever, I am happy to help with blog creation, topic ideas and optimising posts so please do get in touch if you need anything. However, here are some ways to help generate some blog topics if you decide to go it alone.

Company News

People definitely like to hear about what your company is up to and how this will benefit them. You can write posts on getting to know team members if you have upgraded any software which will improve the customer journey and even if you’re going to be launching new products soon. Anything that would be considered newsworthy can be turned into a blog post.

How-To Guides

Giving your readers helpful information is always a good way to keep people interested. In a similar way to this post, can you write some how-to or handy guides to help your readers out? Think about what you offer and what sort of guides people might like to read. For example, if you sell cookers you could write about decorating a kitchen, cleaning your cooker and even some recipe posts would work.

Customer Reviews

Sharing positive information is a good thing too. A post every day that talks about how great your company is might not be recommended because you don’t want to be seen as bragging, but the odd post sharing some testimonials and customer feedback is always good!

Product Information

You can also write some blog posts on what you offer and how people could benefit from this. Product guides, comparisons and even specifications of products are always well received – you could even opt to showcase products if you’re going to put them in a sale/offer a discount and get people’s attention to your product that way.

Choosing Interesting Blog Topics

The trick is to try and keep things varied and interesting. How-to guides are a great way to create content, but if they are all your blog offers it’s unlikely to keep people interested in the longterm. Instead, mix-up the content you write and keep an eye on analytics of your posts to see which are most popular, so you know what you should consider writing in the future.