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I’m Debz Aiken, self-confessed Customer Service Enthusiast and estate agency virtual assistant!

Whether you’ve used a virtual assistant before or are new to accepting a little help with your business I would love to help you. Whether you want a helping hand with general admin or you want someone to take control of lead generation for you, I’m able to take charge of your project to give you more free-time and better business results.

Estate Agency Virtual Assistant

With many years’ experience in the property industry, if you’re looking for help with your estate agency business then look no further. For many people, hiring a virtual assistant is a no-brainer, because it helps with so many elements of their business. However, if you’re involved in a niche industry such as property, then it can be hard to find someone with the right knowledge to help.

I have worked within estate agency and the property industry for many years and would love for my knowledge and experience to help benefit you. Whether you need someone to talk to your customers, you want relevant web-content written or you need help with social media, I would love to help.

Business Generation

I’m confident in talking to customers, so happy to take the lead in business generation. Whether you want someone to talk to existing customers to give them ultimate value for money from your package, or you need someone to talk to previous valuations and get them over the instruction line, I’m available.

Existing customers demand attention but giving them all of your attention can take away time from business generation and concentrating on business growth. I’m happy to take control of giving your customer base existing updates, talk them through the current market and what you’re doing to sell their home – and even what they could be doing to get over the sold line!

If you’ve taken the time out to do valuations and then customers haven’t come on board with you, you’re missing out on valuable business. Let me speak to these customers, hold their hand through the process & let them know exactly why they should be using you to sell their home.

White-Label Estate Agency Services

Be assured that everything I offer is done on a white-label basis. I’ll contact customers as though I am part of your company, they’ll never need to know that I’m a 3rd party. The whole process will be smooth and seamless, simply giving them fantastic customer service with zero time and effort needed from you.

Gain back time, be less stressed & have more hours to spend on business growth, other commitments and even with your family. I’ll generate more time for you, how you spend that time is completely up to you.

What Next?

Have a look at my services page or get in touch today to chat about what I can do for you. I am happy to work with you long term, or on a one-off project! Not sure exactly how I can help you but know you could do with a bit more free-time in your business? Get in touch and let’s have a chat about how we can work together moving forward, I’d love to hear from you.

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