When people consider having a website made, they tend to concentrate on the layout of the main website and what the content will be. One question I have been asked several times lately is does my website need a blog? Although I tend to side on the answer of yes, as I love a blog – each individual website is different. I thought I would discuss having a blog, so you can decide if one is right for your website.

Does My Website Need a Blog?

You Can Keep Customers Up to Date

A blog is a really great way of keeping your website up to date. It isn’t always appropriate to update your whole website with news or information, but that doesn’t mean your customers won’t want to know. A blog is a fantastic resource for keeping people up to date and letting them know what is going on within your business. So if you have a sale coming up, you’re going to be away for a few days or you’re about to expand your product range – you can let your customers know all of this via your blog.

You Can Become a Trusted Resource

People like to buy from people that they trust, and a big part of this is them knowing you have the right knowledge and experience. You can use your blog to share hints and tips with your potential customers. By building this up to be a resource that people rely on can help to generate business. Make your posts easily shareable and your readers will be keen to share this with others – great for business!

It’s Great For SEO

Having a website that is regularly updated is great for your SEO. If your looking to ensure that your website ranks well on Google, or you’re actively looking to improve your ranking then a blog can help. It is worthwhile researching what topics to cover, how to optimise your posts and what sort of content people want to read.

What Would I Write?

If you’re already asking yourself what you would write then perhaps a blog isn’t quite the right fit for you and your website. Blogs aren’t always needed but for many businesses, they’re a great boost to your website.

If you would like some help with what to write, or how to create a blog then please feel free to get in touch. I love blogging and I would really love to help get yours off the ground.